Valuation Division


Ensure that holdings in the subject Tax For District Council or the General Assessment Contribution Helps Rates by applicable law.


Valuation Unit

  • Preparation of a new Valuation List every five years or the period may be extended by the Local Authority.
  • Ensure that new buildings are assessed to the Amended Valuation List.
  • Demands for contributions to help the property of the State and Federal Government.
  • Ensure the determination of the annual assessment (Section 127 of the Local Government Act) passed in the full meeting of the MDS later than August 31 each year.
  • Ensure the application of the Land Office reviews land during processing.
  • Manage application of the government to implement the open space projects of the Council.
  • Ensure that amendments approved by the Valuation List Full Member Meeting MDS.
  • Compute the rent for the buildings of the Council.
  • Make a visit to the production of Certificate of Fitness for the new building.


Rent Unit

  • Manage the rental application of the Council's premises.
  • To handle the interview leased premises.
  • Provide Council premises rental agreement.
  • Updating the new tenant data into the computer.
  • Process and issue bills monthly rental.
  • Managing the renewal rental agreement of the Council.
  • Prepare reports for Council premises damage is repaired.
  • Reading the water meter tenants of the Council premises.
  • To update the meter reading data tenant water bills.
  • To update the meter reading data into the computer system.
  • Process and issue tenant water bills.
  • Make a collection and delivery of rural rental bills.
 Officer that can be contacted:-
 Name : En. Rofizlan Bin Yunus
 Position : Valuation Division
 Department : Valuation Department
 Email :

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