Town Services Division


  • Determine the cleanliness, comfort and harmony of the people in the District Council area during the planning and control services.
  • Exercise control of business activities efficiently and effectively towards the growth of a competitive economy.
  • Determine the application and compliance with the Act and by-laws adopted by the District Council during.

Licensing Unit

  • Manage the production process and business licenses, hawkers and advertisements.
  • To process and manage the licensing of entertainment and trade fairs.
  • Investigate and take action on complaints regarding licensing.
  • Manage (create letters, papers) Licensing Committee meeting.
  • Managing files and data licensing unit.
  • The results provide estimates of annual revenue license.
  • Secretariat for document preparation and implementation of MS ISO 9000 for process control business.
  • Process business license renewal.
  • Process the business license revocation.
  • Inspect the premises and report to the new business license application.

 Officer that can be contacted:-
 Name : Encik Mohd Syukri Bin Md Noor
 Position : Assistant Environmental Health Officer
 Department : Town Services Division
 Email :

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