One Stop Centre

Background of OSC

Under the Strategy for Improving Effectiveness Package Delivery System (Delivery System) - Package Stimulate Economy (Economic Stimulus Package), the Government has decided that an efficient delivery system is needed to ensure smooth and effective implementation of national development strategies and in the era of 'competitive age Listen Read phonetically'.

The Government has agreed with the recommendation of the Strategic Thrust Committee on Government Delivery System, which is chaired by the Chief Secretary, to set up One Stop Center on two levels: the level of Local Authorities and the State authorities to facilitate the process of building plan approval and issuance of certificate of fitness as any measures recommended under 70 (a) - Stimulating the Economy Package.

To ensure the improvement of the delivery system can be implemented more efficiently and comprehensively, MNKT meeting to-56 agreed to extend the functionality of existing One-Stop Center to receive and coordinate applications for planning permission, building plan applications and make recommendations on applications for land development.

Cabinet on 21 March 2007 had agreed that the establishment of the One Stop Center in LA is one of the initiatives that have been decided at the Conference on Improving Government Service Delivery System, which was launched by the Prime Minister on 13 April 2007.

With the establishment of the OSC, the norm of the application process can be shortened. In addition, cases of duplication of technical comments during the processing of applications for planning permission, applications for building plans and applications for approval of land development is inevitable.



Goal the establishment of One Stop Center is to reduce biokrasi the proposed development of procedures and processes as well as enhancing the delivery of government services in local authorities.


 Officer that can be contacted:-
 Name : Cik Siti Norbaya Binti Husein
 Position :Planning Officer OSC
 Department : OSC Division
 Email :

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