Information Technology Division


  • Designing, implementing and monitoring e-PBT system at the Local Authority.
  • Provide regular reports on progress and problems of implementation of e-PBT :-

    - Information Technology Officer, Division of Local Government Secretary
    - The Secretary and the President / Mayor
    - Department of Local Government, KPKT

  • Maintain and monitor the e-PBT in PBT operate properly, perform the procedures for data back-ups regularly.
  • Ensuring network in the e-PBT PBT operation.
  • Identify the problem of e-PBT system and inform the Steering Committee meeting at the State level.
  • Became the secretariat for the Working Committees of local authorities.
  • Designing training programs using e-PBT in PBT that training programs use e-PBT system is ongoing.
  • Overseeing the maintenance of ICT equipment e-PBT
  • Provide basic training and technical advice on e-PBT to all users
  • Assist the Chief and Officer in the portal OSC at PBT.

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