Finance and Account Division


Enhancing human capital and financial governance that is efficient.



  • Management Accounting
  • Revenue Collection Management Council
  • Financial Management / Payment
  • Asset Management and Stock
  1. Management Accounting
    • Accounting Systems Council.
    • Preparation of Financial Statements of the Council.
    • Preparation of the Budget Council.

  2. Revenue Collection Management Council
    • Managing Revenue Collection.
    • Maintaining End Operator.
    • SSPT maintenance Cash Book (Cash Management System).
    • Preparation of Monthly Statement of Revenue Collection.
    • Maintaining Web Development Council.

  3. Payment Management
    • Payment of salaries, allowances, deductions and contributions for members.
    • Payments of Permanent Members of the Council and Meeting Attendance Allowance.
    • Mileage Claim payments and overtime allowances.
    • Issuance of Local Order and Payment Voucher Preparation.
    • Maintenance of all financial records.
  4. Government Mobile Asset Management
    • Maintenance of Mobile Asset Acceptance government.
    • Maintain Assets Register Mobile Government.
    • Maintain records of Use, Storage and Transfer of Assets Examination of the Government.
    • Maintenance of Government Property Transfer.
    • Maintain Asset Disposal Mobile Government.
    • Loss Maintenance and Transfer of Assets written off the Government.

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