Administration and Secretariat Division


Provide Administration and Personnel Management Service quality and efficiency in accordance with law and policy set by the government to meet customer requirements.


Administration and Secretariat

  • Responsible for regulating and controlling the general administration and secretariat for all official activities of the Council.
  • Managing the Full Council Meeting and Regional During the preparation of minutes.
  • Your vehicle during the administration of the District Council.
  • Managing complaints.
  • Oversee the financial affairs and the annual work targets and the staff of the department.
  • Manage the booking of the Board / District Council Conference Room Over.
  • Manage and ensure the safety office.
  • Managing the office and the area clean.
  • Managing study tours for members of the Council.
  • As the secretariat of the District Council during the disciplinary action.
  • Managing Council members sworn in ceremony.


Service Unit

  • Manage the recruitment and appointment of new members.
  • Managing courses and examinations for employees of the Council.
  • Managing the welfare of the members based on qualifications.
  • Maintain application and leave records of staff.
  • Prepare a statement of salary adjustments.
  • Paper provides confirmation of the staff.
  • Prepare the entry into office of pensionable employees.
  • Provide staff retirement papers.
  • Establishes schedule of courses for staff.
 Officer that can be contacted:-
 Name : En. Rofizlan Bin Yunus
 Position :Valuation Officer and Property
 Department : Administration and Secretariat
 Email :

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