A).What is a Development Proposal Report (LCP)?

A technical report that explains and clarifies the development site proposal to ease the local planning authority (PBPT) in carrying out the planning permission process.

B) What is the content of the LCP?

Subsection 21A (1) provides the content of the LCP as follows:

  • The development concept and justification;
  • A location map and a site plan;
  • Particulars of land ownership and restrictions, if any ( a description of the land including its physical environment, topography, landscape, geology, contours, drainage, water bodies and catchments and natural features thereon; a survey of the trees and all forms of vegetation; and particulars of a building which may be affected by the development)
  • A land use analysis and its effect on the adjoining land;
  • Such other matters as may be prescribed by the local planning authority (PBPT).

C) Applications that Require LCP?

  • Application to conversion of land use.
  • Layout Plan Approval Application
  • Approval Application for erection of a building
  • Application to convert the building usage type
  • Subdivision and lot merging application

D) Who is responsible for the preparation of LCP?

Subsection 13(1) Town Planner Act 1995 (Act 538) provides that a registered Town Planner is entitled to prepare the LCP.


What is Sustainable Development?
"A development that fulfils the current and the future needs so as to achieve the continuity between the development in the economic, social and the environment for the prosperity of all without compromising the needs of the future generation”

Sustainable development also balances the economic development with the social needs and the environment that is based on the principle of ‘People Centric'. This approach is very apt to the aspiration and the aim of 1 Malaysia, “people first, performance now" (rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan) which was put forward by Y.A.B the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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