Referring to Town and Village Planner Act 1976 section 19. No person, other than a local authority, shall commence, undertake, or carry out any development unless planning permission in respect of the development has been granted to him under section 22 or extended under subsection 24(3).

1.What is planning permission?

It is a written permission by the local planning authority (PBPT;- Selama District Council)

  • Planning permission is the approval required after the approval for land condition change is obtained, where it is before the building plan process proceeds
  • No land size limit is excluded from the planning permission, even if the land is less than 1 acre.

2.What is the relation between planning permission with development?

Planning permission is one of the processes that must be gone through in obtaining the planning approval for any development project. The processes areas follows:

  • Land Conditions change approval
  • Layout plan approval (planning permission
  • Survey plan approval (pre-comp plan)
  • Building plan approval

3.What can be done after the planning permission is obtained?

In general, the development can commence once the planning permission is obtained.

  • The approved planning permission in the context of layout plan is the plan that is approved by the local planning authority.
  • The layout plan can be officially used by the Surveyor and the Architect.
  • The site plan is measured by including the accurate distance and bearing by the surveyor to ensure that it is the same as the actual plan and the site (survey plan)
  • The survey plan or the 'pre-comp' plan will be used by the architect to design the building in the layout plan (building plan)
  • The building plan approved by the local planning authority and other plans (e.g. engineering plans) required by the local planning authority.
  • Earthwork can be commenced by obtaining the permit to carry out earthwork.

4.What can be done by the applicant if he is not satisfied with the decision of the local planning authority?

  • Applicant who is not satisfied with the decision of the local planning authority that disapproved the planning permission or the conditions in the planning permission can appeal to the Appeal Board.
  • The Appeal Board will review the decision made by the local planning authority and by listening to both the appellant and the local planning authority.
  • The Appeal Board will then decide whether to uphold, revoke or amend the planning permission.

5.Do you know that the approval for a planning permission can be revoked by the local planning authority?

  • Any planning permission that has been approved by the local planning authority can be revoked if there is anything in the public interest that supersedes it.
  • The revocation order of the planning permission must be approved and certified by the State Government Committee.
  • Local planning authority also has the right to demolish any building that has been erected due to the revocation of planning permission [section 25 (4) Act 172].

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