What is Town Planning?
Town Planning is a “Physical planning” or “land usage plan”.


1.A- What is a Local Plan (RT)?

It is an official document that interprets the general policies and proposals which are contained in the Negeri Perak Structure Plan 2020 (RS) into a more detailed and practical physical form.

  • It is a document related to a particular area. Is prepared under the provisions of sections 12 until 16A.(refer to Town and Village Planner Act 1976)
  • Contains maps and written statements supported by the implementation guidelines.
  • Explaining in detail all PBPT proposals for the land development and usage.
  • Interpreting and detailing the strategic policies of the Negeri Perak Structure Plan 2020. Paragraph 12(3)(a) provides the summary and detail which are deemed suitable by the PBPT regarding its proposals to: developing and using the land in, preserving and revitalizing the environment physically, conserving the natural topography; improving the landscape and planting trees in; providing an open space in; conserving and beautifying the characters and the appearance of the building in, improving the communication system in; and managing the traffic in the RT area.

2.B-What are the functions of the Local Plan?

  • To interpret the RS strategies that contain the general policies and proposals of the PBPT with the local authority;
  • To prepare the guidelines of development control. The local plans will be used as guidelines to arrange and control the development in the area covered by those plans;
  • The policies and the proposals in the RT will be uses as a basis to coordinate the decisions,, development programme, public and private spending on the lands covered by the RT; and
  • Submitting issues and detailed proposals to the public.

3.C-Why is RT Required?

  • To implement the RS strategy in more detail.
  • To explain in more detail the development planning control policy in Selama
  • Can explain to the public on detailed planning issues.
  • Enable the owner, developer and other parties to know how their lands can be involved in the current and future planning.

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