2.What are the roles of the OSC Secretariat?

  • Accepting, checking and recording all Development Plan Proposal applications
  • Circulating the applications to the internal PBT technical departments and external technical agencies or related parties to be processed and for technical reviews.
  • Monitoring the applications that have been circulated to the PBT internal technical agencies and departments.
  • Acting as secretariat to the One Stop Centre (OSC) Committee Meeting, twice a month.
  • Reporting the achievement progress for all approval applications to the One Stop Centre (OSC) Committee.


3.Types of applications accepted by OSC?

  • Simultaneous applications for the conversion of land use and subdivision, planning permission, building plan, earth work plan and drainage plan;
  • Simultaneous application for the land acquisition and land alienation, planning permission, building plan, earth work plan and street and drains plan;
  • Conversion of land use and planning permission application;
  • Conversion of land use and planning permission and building plan application;
  • Planning permission application;
  • Building plan application;
  • Earth work plan application;
  • Street and drains plan application;
  • CFO application and issue;
  • Submission of the completion stages notice in the CCC system;
  • Issuance of CCC system Non-compliance Report; and
  • Permit for minor construction or minor amendment and extension.


4.What if the application submitted is not complete?

For incomplete application, the OSC Secretariat must accept the application and inform the applicant to submit the additional documents required. The OSC secretariat will only register complete applications and will circulate them to the departments to be processed and for reference to the Technical Departments / Agencies for reviews and opinions. The processing period will commence once the application is registered.


5.How can the One Stop Centre ensure that the planning permission process will be expedited?

The One Stop Centre Committee meeting is required to be held at least twice a month. If the Chairperson cannot chair the meeting, the vice-chairperson will be appointed to carry out the duty. This is to ensure that the meeting is not disrupted. The One Stop Centre Secretariat is also given 1 day to circulate the applications to the related departments as specified after registration and the file is created. The secretariat must ensure that all the applications submitted before 12 noon are registered, file created and circulated on the same day, Submissions received after 12 noon will be registered, file created and circulated on the following day. The secretariat is responsible for all these, and at the same time, it must monitor and ensure that the Technical Departments will give the technical reviews within the specified period, that is 25 days (BKJ concept) or 40 days (JKB concept)

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