7. For the purpose of this Section, the definition of ‘Building' includes:

  • A fully completed flat in a building which is built with the approval of the local authority
  • Any of the whole floors of a building which has a separate entryway.
  • A floor space which is less than 1,000 sq ft on the same floor of a building which can be rented out as an office, shop, factory or other similar purposes.

8. What should you do if you want to buy a house / vacant land in Selama District Council?

Please go to Selama District Council to check for the registered owner and the assessment tax amount / arrears.
Section 146, Local Government Act 1976, emphasises that it is the responsibility of the current owner to settle all assessment tax arrears. You are advised to check and ensure that all arrears are paid by the previous owner before buying the property.

9. What should you do if you have transferred title or are selling land / house?

If a holding property has been sold / transferred title, it is the responsibility of the seller, buyer or the title transferor to complete Form I together with the copy of the grant. Please submit the completed form to Selama District Council within three (3) months of the title transfer /sale.

If the owner (house / land) had died, it is the responsibility of the beneficiary to give notice within one (1) year of the death.

Failing to do so, pursuant to Section 160 (6) Local Government Act 1976, you can be fined up to RM2,000 or jailed not more than six (6) months, or both.

10. Cannot afford to pay assessment tax in one lump sum.

Please come to Selama District Council Office to discuss and agree on the solution.

11. What is the difference between Assessment Tax and Quit Rent?

  • What is quit rent?
    Quit Rent is the tax that must be paid by the landowner to the State Authority through the Land Office. Quit rent must be paid in full from 1 January every year and will become arrears from 1 June every year.
  • What is the difference between 'Assessment Tax' and 'Quit Rent'?
    Assessment Tax also known as ‘assessment' is paid to the Local Authority and must be paid twice a year. Assessment tax bill is blue in colour.
    Quit Rent is charged on a private-owned land and must be paid once a year to the State Authority. Quit rent bill is yellow in colour.
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